Standing next to a model yields hilarious results.

Standing next to a model yields hilarious results.


People tend to ask me "What made you start taking photographs?"  It's such a loaded question for me, that I tend to stutter when I'm asked about it in-person.

I grew up in South Texas, and had a grandfather who spent the winters with us (we call them Winter Texans, they're also referred to as "Snow Birds".) Goomps (don't ask, I have no idea where it came from), was a true renaissance-man, and a truly gifted painter and photographer. I always saw him with a camera in hand, so I was exposed to photography at an early age.

Somehow, when I was growing up a narrative began to form in my head. The narrative was "I love creative people, but I myself am not a creative person". To this day I have no idea where the idea came from, but it followed me for years. 

Then, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. As she slowly succumbed to her disease, we had many conversations about life. She spoke of all the things she wished she had done, but never did for fear of failing.

When she died, a part of me changed forever. Part of me broke, but a part of me started to truly examine how I was living my life. I realized I lived in a lot of fear, and I started to take steps to change that. I always wanted to be a creative person, but I had never even tried. I picked up my first camera, and I finally knew what I was meant to do with my life.

So I started trying, and I started doing, and I haven't stopped. I've failed a lot, but I've learned a lot; and there's still so much to do...

- Meagan



Meagan is a member of Blue Cone Studios in Seattle. Her work has been featured in numerous ad campaigns, and she is an internationally published photographer. When shooting weddings, Meagan takes the time to get to know every couple; to her its the only way to authentically capture them on their big day. Her style leans toward documentary, with authenticity being the main focus.

 When putting together fashion campaigns she is known for letting the clothing "direct things". Inspired by the fluidity of the spaces she inhabits (both physically, and emotionally), her work communicates the truth found in an exact moment.